On Saturday, October 3, the IL IN District had their fall meeting – VIRTUALLY. While this is less than ideal, it was wonderful to see faces (or names) in those little boxes that populate on our screens. It funny, but in time we do begin to feel we are in the same room together!

If you were not able to join us, you may watch the recording below. Note: this is a very large file and may take a few minutes to download.



We had excellent speakers with interesting programs.

  • Bruce and Maggie Barr: Update on Cream City Roses 
  • Dr. Andy Plasz: Preparing for Battle Against Midge, Aphids, Thrips, Japanese Beetles and more!
  • Roger Brueckman: 2021 Rose Introductions.


Joel Anderson our Consulting Rosarian Chairman shared the exciting news that we have 5 new Consulting Rosarians! All attended the virtual CR school that ARS offered this year! 

  • Anne DeVries
  • Pei-Fun Hurst
  • Tom Mann
  • Sharon Shipp
  • Susan Smith

CONGRATULATIONS! We appreciate your hard work and celebrate with you on this great achievement!  

If you would like to know more about the CR program, link here

FYI: There will be another ARS Virtual CR school coming soon. Joel Anderson will keep us informed of those dates. For more ARS information, go to Rose.org or follow the ARS on Social media.


Another highlight of our time together is celebrating our district award winners:

Congratulations to Frank DeVries of Sauk Trail Rose Society who received the Outstanding Consulting Rosarian Award. And, outstanding he is. His knowledge and enthusiasm for sharing his love of roses are to be celebrated. Great Job Frank. And, thank you!

Congratulations to Roger Brueckman, who was given the highest honor from our district … The Silver Medal Award. Roger has faithfully served nationally, regionally and locally for more than 18 years. He currently serves as President of the Belleville Rose Society and as an ARS Regional Director. Well done Roger! We appreciate you!

Roger, you are in great company… some of our more recent winners:


Now we look ahead to 2021. While we hope for in-person meetings, we are grateful for these new virtual tools that connect us from coast to coast and around the world.

Be safe. Be well. Hope to see you soon.

Teresa Byington
IL IN District Director