On Saturday, October 3, the IL IN District had their fall meeting – VIRTUALLY. While this is less than ideal, it was wonderful to see faces (or names) in those little boxes that populate on our screens. It funny, but in time we do begin to feel we are in the same room together!

If you were not able to join us, you may watch the recording below. Note: this is a very large file and may take a few minutes to download.



We had excellent speakers with interesting programs.

  • Bruce and Maggie Barr: Update on Cream City Roses 
  • Dr. Andy Plasz: Preparing for Battle Against Midge, Aphids, Thrips, Japanese Beetles and more!
  • Roger Brueckman: 2021 Rose Introductions.


Joel Anderson our Consulting Rosarian Chairman shared the exciting news that we have 5 new Consulting Rosarians! All attended the virtual CR school that ARS offered this year! 

  • Anne DeVries
  • Pei-Fun Hurst
  • Tom Mann
  • Sharon Shipp
  • Susan Smith

CONGRATULATIONS! We appreciate your hard work and celebrate with you on this great achievement!  

If you would like to know more about the CR program, link here

FYI: There will be another ARS Virtual CR school coming soon. Joel Anderson will keep us informed of those dates. For more ARS information, go to or follow the ARS on Social media.


Another highlight of our time together is celebrating our district award winners:

Congratulations to Frank DeVries of Sauk Trail Rose Society who received the Outstanding Consulting Rosarian Award. And, outstanding he is. His knowledge and enthusiasm for sharing his love of roses are to be celebrated. Great Job Frank. And, thank you!

Congratulations to Roger Brueckman, who was given the highest honor from our district … The Silver Medal Award. Roger has faithfully served nationally, regionally and locally for more than 18 years. He currently serves as President of the Belleville Rose Society and as an ARS Regional Director. Well done Roger! We appreciate you!

Roger, you are in great company… some of our more recent winners:


Now we look ahead to 2021. While we hope for in-person meetings, we are grateful for these new virtual tools that connect us from coast to coast and around the world.

Be safe. Be well. Hope to see you soon.

Teresa Byington
IL IN District Director



DATE: March 30, 2019
TIME: 9 – 4
Bethlehem Presbyterian Church 
5588 N. State Road 25
Logansport, IN


REGISTRATION: Download Registration Form Here.   

$35.00 per person: Before March 3
$40.00 per person: After March 3


Dr. Mark Windham / Plant Pathology / University of Tennessee

Dr. Windham is one of the most sought-after speakers in the rose world. He gives quality programs steeped in the latest information while keeping you laughing! He does not take the world too seriously and he won’t let us either.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from of the best and have fun doing so.

Dr. Windham will give three 20-min sessions on diseases, insects and pesticide safety.  (Qualified for CR Credit)

Curtis Aumiller / ARS Chairman of Photography 

Curtis Aumiller, ARS Chairman of Photography and Penn-Jersey District Director, is the one who literally “wrote the book” on ARS photography shows. He will share tips and tricks of rose photography and help us better prepare for entering photography in rose shows. 


Holiday Inn Express
3939 E. Market Street
Logansport, IN
Hotel per night: $104.99   / Hotel Code: RSB





We look forward to seeing you there!

From the Directors

New Beginnings

New Beginnings can be scary, fun, daunting and exciting. I find myself in the later… EXCITED. 

EXCITED that our excellent outgoing District Director will become a new Regional Director. 

EXCITED that I have the opportunity to work with all of you and get to know you better. 

EXCITED to start a new website and open our world of roses a bit wider. 

EXCITED that together we will plan opportunities to learn more about the roses we love and share our love of roses with others through conferences and rose shows. 

EXCITED to hear your ideas for the district. As I assume this new role and continue in my roles as President of the Indianapolis Rose Society, Co-Host of the Rose Chat Podcast and garden blogger, I have personal goals that govern what I do. 

  • I want to represent the rose, her people and her organizations with love, excellence and integrity.
  • I want everyone that comes to us to be warmly welcomed and fully informed to take their next steps whether with the organization or in the garden.
  • I want to provide multi-generational resources whenever possible.
  • I want to provide entry points for people when they walk through our doors physically, with programs and resources or find us via social media, websites or blogs. I want our information to be shareable, linkable and searchable.

I love people and I love roses and I’m EXCITED for more opportunities to bring them together.

Teresa Byington
Indianapolis Rose Society President
Incoming Director of Illinois Indiana District


This is my last message to the District as District Director. I want to thank my entire board for their great work helping to build our District into a larger and stronger organization. Changing the District to assume the financial responsibility for our District’s meetings has expanded the participation of more local societies to sponsoring a District meeting.

We did not lose any money at any District meeting. At the same time we kept the costs to the attendees within reason. The financial statement for the year is found later in this issue. Our total ending balance for the District is over $16,000.00 which is great.

As you are all aware Teresa Byington has been installed as our new District Director. She will bring her “can-do” attitude to this position. Her strong social media background will spearhead our District to become even larger and more active. We have many ideas for our future meetings.



The spring meeting will be Saturday, March 30 in Logansport, Indiana. Additional information on this meeting is listed in a recent issue of the Illi-Ana. (Download here.)
SPEAKER: Dr. Mark Windham of the University of Tennessee will be with us and will present three 20-minutes classes on diseases, insects and pesticide safety. 


The fall meeting with our normal District rose show will be held on Saturday, September 7th at the Richland Community College in Decatur Illinois.

Please reserve both of these days so you can attend the meetings.

Roger Brueckman
Illinois-Indiana District

Roger and Linda Kimmel presenting Andy Plasz with the Silver Medal at the Fall District meeting in Indianapolis.

2018 American Rose Society National Rose Show Recap

-Linda Kimmel

If you have never attended an American Rose Society (ARS) National Rose Show, you have no idea what you are missing. The best exhibitors in the nation gather together with the best roses in the nation, creating a mecca of roses. There are roses of all shapes, sizes and colors, more than the imagination can comprehend.

Why do we exhibit and judge roses? Because it is just a lot of good fun and camaraderie. I continue to learn something at every show, whether exhibiting or judging. It is always a manageable challenge and you meet such nice people.

Bob Martin, ARS President, wrote in an article, titled “Why We Grow Roses”, a description that beautifully sums up the spirit of rose exhibiting:

“Winning is great, as any rose exhibitor will tell you. But better yet, as most rose exhibitors will quickly add, is the wonderful opportunity that a rose show provides to meet people who genuinely love roses. Rose exhibitors are, with very few exceptions, great people. They come from all walks of life sharing only the common love of roses. They will tell you everything they know to give you the chance to do better than they. The warmth and friendship of rose show exhibitors lasts well beyond the fading of the memory of your trophy and will bring you back to the rose show again and again.’

Of course, many of the winners were from California, not surprising. Roses grow bigger and bloom more in California due to the wonderful amount and intensity of the sun. Californians’ do not have to contend with winter kill, but they were suffering from a severe invasion of chili thrips and have humongous watering bills! No matter where you live, one can expect some challenges to growing roses. But astute rose growers will overcome.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I would like to share a few of my rose show photos. First, congratulations to Andrew Plasz, Libertyville, IL for winning the Mini Duchess Arrangement Award. (Mini Roses: ‘Incognito’ and ‘Showstopper’)

‘The Squire’ is a beautiful dark red shrub rose, hybridized by David Austin, exhibited by Linda Clark, San Diego, CA, anointed “Queen of Shrubs Award”.

‘Sparkle and Shine’ is another winning rose hybridized by Christian Bedard of Weeks Roses. Bright yellow blooms, disease resistance and hardy. This specimen won the “Queen of Floribunda” certificate, exhibited by Justin and Lilly Ekuan.

One of the hottest new hybrid teas on the market is ‘Ring of Fire’, hybridized by Chris Greenwood, exhibited by Mr. And Mrs. Carl Mahanay. ‘Ring is Fire’ is a vibrant eye-catching orange color with good exhibition form and holding power. We sold this rose through our local rose society (Indianapolis), everyone that purchased it, had glowing reports.

I cannot forget the Gold Awards in arrangements. In the large arrangement class, three containers- modern design of ‘Love and Peace’, ‘Peace’ and ‘St. Patrick’ claimed the top award by Barbara Gorden.

In the miniature division, a traditional mass with ‘Joy’ claimed the Gold award, exhibited by Cherry Hoover.

Rose shows are fun and rewarding, if you get a chance, attend, even better, exhibit!

Part of adulthood is searching for the people who understand you.” – Hanya Yanagihara


For more about the conference and to see garden tour pictures, read on here.

Where Roses & Education Meet

SCHOOL DAYS / Reading, Writing and Roses, our Illinois Indiana Conference and Rose Show, has come and gone but what a weekend we had. Teresa Byington and Linda Kimmel served as co-chairmen of the event with a large cast of others who helped make it all happen. Thank you to each of you! To see the list of chairmen, click here.


Friday night was our Rosy Social Hour where we had the chance to meet new friends and catch up with long time friends while munching on rose flavored treats and drinking Rosé. (Thanks to Teresa Byington and Eloisa Garza for the fun treats.)


Saturday started early at 6 am. The cars and trucks filled with roses came into our room. Fortunately we had a cargo door since is was raining cats and dogs. Even with all the people and all the activity — the room was filled with calm as the creative juices started flowing. I wish we could have a video of the whole process.

We had masters. We had novices. We had watchers. We had helpers. 

All at their tasks — helping the rose be her very best self.


Our room was filled with beautiful roses! Below are two masters at work! Thank you John Hefner for serving as Rose Show Chairman with all of those duties and along with your beautiful partner creating rose perfection and winning 8 out of the BIG 9 awards. Oh my. I wish every novice in the world of exhibiting could observe their artistic gifts. Donna was not only working hard on the roses, she handled our finances and many of our decorations. Yes they are rose super heroes.

John and Donna Hefner led the way!


There were tables of beautiful arrangements by William Carlson, Mary Ann Hext, Linda Kimmel, Renee LaFollette and Andy Plasz. Adding to the fun, three of our novices, Teresa Downham, Carolyn Lloyd and Trudy Struck did a group arrangement.

To see the full list of winners, click here.