Saturday, March 18
10 am – 4 pm
Effingham, IL


I hope everyone had a great and happy holiday season. While we have had some spots of bad weather (cold and snowy), our weather has not been too bad this year. We are staying warm while reading seed and plant catalogs and making new plans for our garden. There are always many new plants and roses to tempt us, and 2023 will not be a disappointment.

We have finished planning the arrangements for our Spring District Meeting in Effingham, Illinois. We have picked Effingham again for its central location within the district, even though we do not have a local society in the area. It is centrally located and appears everyone can arrive at the meeting within a 3-hour drive time. Many members will have an even shorter drive. The meeting will start at 10:00 AM and end before 4:00 PM, which means most people can make it a day trip. We have reserved a few rooms for people who wish to stay Friday night. We are going out to eat on Friday evening at Niemergs Steak House at 1410 W. Fayette Avenue at 6:00 PM. Dinner is on your own but very reasonably priced.

The meeting will feature two exciting speakers. Jon Corkern, the Executive Director of the American Rose Society, will give an overview of the renovations which have been completed at the American Rose Center in Shreveport and the beautiful new gardens at the center. Jon’s enthusiasm for all the new programs and initiatives undertaken will be apparent. This is a special time in the development and expansion of the American Rose Society and America’s Rose Garden.

Our second speaker will be Carrie Bergs, along with her husband, Joe, who owns a 15 Acre historic farmstead. Her talk will be “Food for Thought When Fertilizing Roses, More is Not Always Better”. Carrie, the current Treasurer of the American Rose Society, and Joe grow over 400 rose bushes of all varieties.

Roger Brueckman


Speaker information and other details are in the latest edition of the Illi-Ana newsletter. Read or download here…