First In-Person District Meeting Since Covid

On March 26, a cold, blustery, and dreary day the first in-person district meeting in 2 years was held!

🌹The rosy tone of the day was evident from the moment you walked through the door. Roses were everywhere! Thanks to Natalie Carmoli for bringing potted roses to share and Frank and Anne Devries for the gorgeous rose bouquets on all the tables – they looked as though they had just been picked from the garden! The bouquets were gifted to lucky winners to take home. Proven Winners provided a potted rose for each of us and some very large, gorgeous new rose varieties for an auction. 

Huge thanks to Roger Brueckman and John Pais and team for the great day they planned. We had a beautiful place to meet, great food, and exceptional speakers.


Natalie Carmoli kept us spellbound with behind the scenes information on the entire rose process beginning with working with hybridizers, taking cuttings, potting, care and even the rigorous testing process. Then we were treated to information on new roses coming to market and companion suggestions for our roses. Hint: I can tell you fragrance is back! Be on the lookout for Proven Winners roses at your garden centers and big box stores too. If you want to see images, go to You can order from the website too.

Dr. David Cloyd, took us on a Japanese Beetle journey, answered our questions and felt our pain! We heard the latest research and updates on products. And, of course answered the BIG QUESTION — giving us his opinion on beetle traps. He made us laugh even though we wanted to cry.

Teresa Downham of Indianapolis Rose Society extended an invitation to all district members to attend ROSEFEST

The Indianapolis Rose Society, Illinois Indiana ARS Rose District, and the Hamilton County Master Gardeners are hosting a day filled with beautiful roses, rose growing demonstrations, rose garden tour, free roses to first 40 guests, an ARS accredited rose show and wonderful  speakers.

She invited everyone to also bring roses as the day will include an ARS accredited rose show.

SATURDAY, JUNE 11, 9 am – 3 pm


Check website for speaker information and other details… LINK HERE. John Hefner and Bill Carlson are writing the show schedules and those will be on the website soon.

🌹Share this invite with others! We hear from so many lamenting that there are fewer and fewer rose shows. We hope to have a full house with roses filling the show tables.
This is the Indy Rose Society’s outreach event and many visitors will be attending. Come and show us your beautiful roses! Everyone is welcome!


Our next opportunity to be together will be our fall event:

Fall Meeting and Rose Show

September 17
The Nan Elliott Garden
Alton, IL
Host: Joel Anderson and the Three Rivers Rose Society

Memories of a fun day…